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To the front of the building are the two main entrance porches and a baptistery, with a choir gallery overhead.  In addition, there is a side porch and to the rear of the church are a priests’ sacristy, servers’ sacristy, toilets and a storeroom.  The two recessed confessionals are confined to one side of the church and are of polished hardwood, with slender glazed door panels.


The sanctuary windows, which rise from floor to ceiling, highlight the altar furnishings. Stained Glass Window St. Michael's Church, RathmolyonStained Glass Window St. Michael's Church, Rathmolyon A large stained glass window depicting the Godhead and the saving of the world through Baptism and the Holy Spirit dominates the main entrance.  The sidewalls incorporate panels of stained glass windows. 


The inclusion in the design of three rows of seating means that no person is more than sixty feet from the sanctuary.  The rows are divided by two aisles that run the entire length of the church and access to the seats is also provided by two side aisles.  The seating capacity of six hundred nearly doubles that of the old chapel at Kill. 


On September 20, 1968, Dr. McCormack revisited the church to consecrate the altar and offer Mass for the deceased members of the parish.  Stations of the Cross plaques were blessed and erected but the figures for them did not arrive from Italy until three months later, when on Christmas Eve, local men Patrick Broderick and James Dunne placed them in position.  The old bell from Kill Chapel had been erected in a specially built tower in the church grounds but due to problems with its audibility, an electric carillon was installed in July 1978.



Today, the church is in excellent repair.  Its presence is due to the foresight of the bishop of the diocese and the clergy of the parish, and to the generosity of the people.  It has earned its place in their hearts and their care of it is testimony to this.

Altar in St. Michael's Church, RathmolyonAltar in St. Michael's Church, Rathmolyon




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