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“St. Joseph’s Retreat, Highgate, London.  June 30th, 1873

My dear Mrs. McEvoy,

I was delighted when I received lately a letter from Brother Michael the 10th of this month, a few days previous the Saturday within the octave of Corpus Christi, asking me specially to pray for dear Pauline your dear daughter.  I complied with his request and I requested some other religious to do the same.  I said Mass for her on Saturday the 14th, the same morning she received her first Communion.  I considered it a duty of gratitude to Mr. McEvoy and also to yourself for the great kindness and great charity you have shown to me and to Brother Michael and to our Order.  Oh what great and glorious and joyful a day must it have been for dear Pauline when our dear Divine Lord gave Himself for the first time to her soul.  The night before her first Communion Jesus in heaven was speaking with the angels about Pauline and on the Saturday morning the 14th when the sun rose above the hills the Heart of Jesus was glad because he knew the day was come when He would give Himself to the child.  I hope that Pauline will frequently say to Jesus! I give you my heart and make it all thine own.  I enclose a miraculous prayer for Pauline and I beg of her to say 3 Hail Marys for me that I may obtain a happy death.  I beg to be kindly remembered to her and also to Mr. McEvoy your dear husband and also to Rev. F. Masterson and to Rev. F. Tormey.  May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be a place of refuge during our life and the greatest consolation at the hour of our death.  Amen.  Wishing you all every blessing, I remain yours sincerely in Christ, F. Charles.”


“St. Paul’s Retreat, Mount Argus, Harold’s Cross, Dublin.  April 20th, 1876.

My dear Miss Pauline,

I beg to apologise for not having answered sooner to your kind letters.  One Pound for the tickets arrived quite safe.  I am glad to hear that you intend to join your dear aunt Lady Burke in a table and that you are working so well for the bazaar.  I hope you are now restored to your usual strength.  I was sorry when I heard of the great shock you received by falling from such height.  I do not fail to pray for you, and for the intentions of your papa and for the intentions of your mama and with my kindest regards to them.  May our good God and His Blessed Mother bless you all, I remain yours sincerely in Christ,      F. Charles.”



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[i] This system existed until comparatively recently.