St. Michaels School
   St. Michael's National School, KillSt. Michael's National School, Kill       

St. Michael's, Kill

Principal : Carol Caffrey

Tel: 046-9555300



St Michaels National School, Kill, Rathmolyon was opened to pupils in April 1961. The school replaced an older school some short distance away.  The Principal teacher who led the staff and pupils from the old to the new schools was Mr Paddy Broderick and he was accompanies by his wife Mrs Broderick and Ms O’Loughlin.

In 1971 a decision was made by the Department of Education to close the two teacher school located at Ardnew (some 4 miles from Rathmolyon) and move the students to Kill.  Additional classrooms were built to accommodate the additional numbers.

In 1974 when Mr Broderick tragically died he was replaced by Oliver Cooney who served as Principal until 2000 when Mr Niall Moynihan assumed the role of School Principal.  Niall has retired during the summer of 2010 and Ms Carol Caffrey will take up the post of Principal teacher on 1st Sept 2010.

The schools currently has 97 pupils but had sufficient numbers for six teachers during the mid eighties.